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    특허영어 배우기 (I)
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    특허영어 배우기 (II)
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+ Patzine 신청
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회원수 : 331110

   특허영어 배우기II (영어표현) : 회원전용

특허번역에서 자주 사용되는 영어표현에 대하여 예문중심으로 한글을 영어로 어떻게 표현을 하고
있는지를 설명하도록 하겠습니다.

각 예문 앞에 표시되어있는 대문자는 하기와 같은 특허분야를 나타냅니다.
B : 생물학, 의학
+ M : 기계공학
+ C : 화학, 재료과학
+ E : 전기공학, 전자공학, 컴퓨터, 소프트웨어
+ G : 각 분야에 적용가능한 일반적 문장

또한, 각 예문에는 인용한 미국특허 번호가 기재되어 있어 관련된 특허를 입수하여 공부하는 것도
가능함을 알려드립니다.


번호 제목
60 생각하다, 고려하다 : (1) to consider(to think about); (2) to assume(to proceed as if one particular possibility is true) ; (3) to take into account, to take into consideration(to weigh the possible effect of a condition)
59 일치하다 : (1) to match, to fit(to be of a size suitable for a purpose or space); (2) to accord, to correspond to, to agree(something is appropriate for or is the same as another thing) ; (3) to satisfy(something fulfills a requirement)
58 겹치다, 포개다 : (1) to be placed on, to be put on (one thing is on another thing, but the extent to which the top object covers the bottom object is not specified) ; (2) to stack, to superpose, to superimpose (an object, usually of similar size or type, is placed on top of another ; it is implied that the upper object more or less covers the lower object); (3) to overlap (an upper object covers only a part of a lower object)
57 확인, 확보, 보증하다 : to assure, to secure, to provide, to ensure/to insure (The words “ensure” and “insure” are often used interchangeably to mean “to take measures to be certain that an undesirable result does not occur” ; however, if a distinction is made between these two words, “ensure” means “to take measures in advance to be certain that an undesirable result does not occur”, whereas “insure” means “to take measures so that if an undesirable result does occur, it will be possible to lessen the effect of the undesirable result”.)
56 관찰하다 : (1) to look [at/in], to observe, to view (to watch); (2) to monitor, to check, to observe (to watch closely and evaluate)
55 확인하다, 확증하다 : to confirm, to verify, to check
54 회전하다 : (1) to rotate, to turn, to pivot(an object turns around an axis passing centrally through itself) ; (2) to revolve, to orbit (an object moves around a point outside itself) ; (3) to pivot, to swing (an object, usually elongated, moves around an axis passing peripherally through the object)
53 개괄하다, 개략하다 : to outline, to briefly describe, to summarize
52 획득하다, 얻다 : to obtain, to acquire, to yield (when a product or effect results, this should usually be translated as “to yield”)
51 변환하다, 바꾸다 : (1) to switch (to change from one state to another) ; (2) to transpose (to invert the order ; to change “A and B” to “B and A”) ; (3) to exchange, to replace (to remove something and put another thing in its place)

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