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번호 제목
148 The foot support 12 is shown in greater detail in FIGS. 2 and 3.
147 The present invention is directed to an anti-tip mechanism which may be used in connection with a foot support assembly, which may be used on a variety of wheelchairs 10.
146 An anti-tip assembly for a wheelchair is therefore, needed which will provide enough flexibility to give the chair the required range motion to overcome obstacles and to provide anti-tip features, while at the same time being convenient and easy to adjust.
145 If not enough tension is present, the anti-tip wheels will not prevent the wheelchair from tipping, or at least severely rocking forward.
144 An attempted solution of these problems is to provide wheel assembly wherein the wheels are adjustable by virtue of being mounted with a resilient suspension typically with springs.
143 To perform this function, such wheels may be disposed higher above the ground than typical anti-tip wheels and are preferably adjusted to the approximate height of the typical barrier that is encountered.
142 When faced with a barrier that is not convenient or possible to circumnavigate, the wheelchair user can attempt to go over the barrier.
141 When the unit tips, the user could fall out of the wheelchair if not supported by a seat belt, or the whole unit could tip over.
140 With reference to FIG. 8, the caster wheels 14 are selectively locked to restrain rotation about the caster block 51.
139 The members 97 are thereby removed from engagement with the ears 82 and 84, and the member 97a slips into the notch recesses 86 in the sides 78.

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