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번호 63 작성자 psh 날짜 2005-06-14 조회 3750
제 목 : Patent Department Clearance?

답변에 감사드립니다.
제가 번역을 부탁드린 부분에 대한 내용을 자세히 올리지 못한것 같습니다. 상세한 내용은 아래와 같으며, 그 제목을 어떻게 해석을 해야 될지 의문입니다.
그에 대한 내용은 다시한번 올리오니 번역을 부탁 드리겠습니다.
아울러, 그와 유사한 내용에 대한 제목이 몇개 있는데 현재 특허업무를 보고있는 저에게 중요한 부분이라 염치 불구하고 부탁드립니다.
1. Patent Department Clearance
2. Review Responsibility and Approval Authority
3. Clearance by Other Departments
4. Publication Approval Procedure

Title : Patent Department Clearance

The right to protect important know-how, secret processes and formulae can be forfeited by publication. The right to a U.S. or foreign patent can be lost by premature publication. The patent department, therefore, has a number of general concerns including:
- timing of publication with respect to the existing patent program on the subject matter;
- disclosure in the manuscript of new inventions;
- possible conflicts with or violations of third-party agreements on the exchange or release of technical information;
- alerting management to the possible loss of valuable know-how and competitive advantage by publication; and
- alerting others to possible claims of patent infringement against the corporation.

The relationship between publications and patents is a complex one. patents themselves are publications, and their prompt issuance in some countries requires the exercise of judgment in foreign to avoid premature disclosure of inventions and know-how to competitions. sometimes it is even desirable to publish promptly instead of obtaining a patent.

R&D/Technical/Medical management must, therefore, seek the written consent of the divisional patent counsel or the corporate patent counsel for every proposed technical paper and presentation. The divisional or corporate patent counsel will review the proposed paper or presentation primarily to ensure that valuable property rights, particularly patent and trade secret rights, are not lost by inadvertent or premature disclosure.

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1 Patent Department Clearance? psh 3750 2005-06-14
2 Re:Patent Department Cleara... 운영자 2623 2005-06-15

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